About Us


We opened Midwest Alternative Treatment Clinic to improve the lives of patients who suffer from depression, anxiety, addiction, obsessive compulsive disorder, chronic pain, and post traumatic stress disorder through providing the best ketamine treatment experience for all of those in need in the Chicago area. The medicinal properties of ketamine have the ability to serve as a catalyst for accessing healing and empowering you to be your own agent of change.


We want you to feel comfortable and believe your experience depends entirely on your mindset and your physical setting. Through a collaborative and holistic team approach we strive to support you on your road towards greater physical, psychological, and spiritual health. It is our goal to provide the best ketamine and infusion-related services we can.


Taking the first step to wellness is often the most difficult. We are here to help you on your journey and guide you with compassion and experience to create positive and impactful change. We are always happy to provide a free consultation to discuss your specific needs to make the process a bit more comfortable and approachable. 


In addition to providing the best ketamine treatments in the  Chicago area, we have been listening to you the patients and your needs. Continuing in our approach to provide holistic, accessible, and affordable care, we are now offering additional infusion and injection services. Incorporation of NAD+, Semaglutide, Hydration and Supplementation services provides us with the opportunity to better serve you and offer additional modalities of healing. Whether you are looking for assistance with weight-loss management, support for illness or overindulgence, or boosting your immune system and athletic performance, Midwest Alternative Treatment Clinic is a provider you can trust and rely on. 


  • Patient-Focused ketamine therapy

    A focus on you and your needs

  • Private ketamine treatment rooms

    Private treatment rooms

  • Holistic approach for the best ketamine therapy

    Holistic approach

  • Collaboration with healthcare team

    Collaboration with your healthcare team

  • set and setting for the best ketamine treatment in Chicago

    Focus on set and setting

  • licensed, competent and safe staff

    Licensed, Competent and Safe Staff


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