good mental health

What is Good Mental Health?

Everyone feels depressed or anxious every now and again. But at what point is it necessary to reach out for help?

Unlike physical health, poor mental health can’t be defined by an x-ray. It can’t be seen by the human eye. So how can you rate your mental health to find out if it’s good or not?

This article will define good mental health so you can determine if you need to make improvements.

What is Good Mental Health?

Here are a few characteristics that define good mental health:

  • Wanting to live your life fully and independently
  • Feeling positive about yourself and others
  • Having the ability to form good relationships with others
  • Having the endurance to overcome challenges
  • Being able to feel and express a wide range of emotions that are both positive and negative
  • Engaging in activities you enjoy
  • Having the ability to carry out everyday tasks and take care of yourself

Not everyone will exhibit all these characteristics, and that’s not necessarily a sign of poor mental health. But if you are lacking in many of these, you may want to reach out for help or make some lifestyle changes.

What is Poor Mental Health?

Poor mental health is defined as follows:

  • Being unable to function due to feelings of depression and anxiety
  • Excessive irritability or feelings of worthlessness
  • Numbness
  • Changes to your sleep pattern
  • Changes in appetite
  • Withdrawal from friends and family
  • A lack of the ability to enjoy things you once loved
  • Thought of self-harm and suicide

It is especially concerning if feelings of anxiety and depression last for two weeks or more and keep returning.